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The broad term on "consulting" in my mind is:  having a fresh set of eyes on any project to initiate a brand, new concept, way of thought, point of view or solution. 

I have consulted on projects such as: the starting of two new businesses, social media management, brand development, graphic design and creative thinking work. I am a solution based person and a natural born brainstormer... always thinking up new ideas, new concepts and or revamping old ones.

I rely a lot on my community of friends and family to network, come together and complete projects together. 

I would love to have the opportunity to be that person for you. 




What I bring to the table:

  • "Jill" of all trades. 

  • Creativity and innovation.

  • Problem-solving and strategic planning ability.

  • Flexibility.

  • The ability to cope with pressure and challenges.

  • I can build trust with you and your clients.

  • I have self-confidence. 

  • I'm practical and theoretical. 

  • I think on my feet. 

  • I'm out of the box, but with in the lines.

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